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Dakota Shy Wine


The Shy Society

The Shy Society ensures that you can purchase exactly the wines you want and have access to our rarest bottlings. This is a fully customizable membership allowing you to determine how many bottles of each wine you want to purchase - from our Napa Cabernet Sauvignon to those wines only available to Shy Society members including Social Currency and our Single Vineyard bottlings. We will process one transaction and ship all the wines in one shipment in the spring of each year. The Shy Society is truly a simplified process – allowing you to hand select your favorite Dakota Shy wines for your cellar.

We’re proud to be leaders in our industry. We trust you’ll see many wineries in the future adapt to this approach, dropping their old programs of multiple shipments, multiple credit card transactions – and hopefully dropping the requirement that you buy 12 bottles of one wine in order to get 3 bottles of a more exclusive bottling. Simply put, it’s you who should decide which wines you receive, when you receive them and how many of them you want.

We want your support not just today and tomorrow - but years from now. We want your help in creating the Dakota Shy legacy and tradition. We do ask for a one year minimum to join the Shy Society – and we anticipate that our distinctive wines will inspire you to remain on the Shy Society for years ahead.

The Shy Society:

  • Only the wines you want.
  • The number of bottles you want.
  • Access to our very limited Single Vineyard wines and Special bottlings (Moulds, Melanson, Atlas, Social Currency, etc).
  • One annual transaction
  • One annual shipment
  • The spirit and legacy of Dakota Shy

To join, please email